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Throttle Potentiometer Tester TPT-2690
Fast diagnosis of a common electronic fault.
Simple-to-use digital meter indicates throttle position sensor output voltage.
Connect to battery terminals and sensor signal wire and
digital display will show output voltage as a percentage.
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Fuel Pressure Meter FPM-2680
Simple-to-use digital meter indicates diesel fuel pressure.
Connect to battery terminals and
fuel pressure sensor signal wire and
digitaldisplay will show current fuel pressure and,
if required, maximum pressure detected.
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Belt Tension Tester BTT-2880
Measuring Range:
Accuracy: ܡ5%
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Infrared Forehead Thermometers CL-110
Measurement range: 30 ~ 45/86H ~ 113H
Accuracy: 0.5
Resolution: 0.1C or 0.1H
Field of view: 12:1
Emissivity: 0.95
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Surface Roughness Testers SRT-6210
Ra, Rq: 0.005-16.00um/0.020-629.9u inch
Rz, Rt: 0.020-160.0um/0.078-6299u inch
Four wave filtering methods: RC, PC-RC, GAUSS and D-P
Accuracy: Not more than 10%
Resolution: 0.001/0.01/0.1
RS232C interface
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