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Diamond Combo Tester
1. A multifunctional instrument, novel in design, easy to use and simply to operate. It can distinguish the false product of diamond, Moissanite and CZ, etc. by only one time testing
2. Built-in Metal detector
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Moissanite /Diamond /CZ Tester
1. Can distinguish diamond, moissanite and CZ by only one time testing
2. Simple on-off switch, no tricky adjustments
3. Three minute shut-off alert to save battery
4. Power supply: 9V battery
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Diamond Tester
1. When distinguish the true and false diamond, it shows the result of measuring with 2 kinds of sounds, 3 kinds of colors LED, it is used widely and measure accurately
2. Power supply: 9V battery
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Diamond Gemstone Gauge
1. Digital display, clear, accurate, and convenient
2.Computes weights of diamonds, pearls and stones of all shapes. loose or set
3.Gemstone weight conversion table
4.Measure range: 0-25mm Precision: 0.01mm
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