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  Ultrasonic Distance Meter CL-13A (Mini type)

  Measuring range: 0.76~13.5 meters, 2.5 feet to 45 feet
  Accuracy: \ (1%+1 digit) at 77 H(25≧)
  Resolution: 0.1 feet (0.03m)
  With laser point
  LCD backlight
  Feet (inch) /meter (centimeter), one touch switch conversion
  Readout: Linear distance error ^E ̄
  Operating temperature: 40~100H( 4≧~38≧)
  Auto self-recalibration
  Automatic Temperature Compensation
  Low Battery Indication /Auto power-off
  Power: Alkaline Battery 23A 12V 〜 1PC
  Weight: 100g (including battery)
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