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  Thickness Gauge CL-931

  General features and functions:
  CL-931 film/coating thickness gauge using magnetic induction thickness measurement
  method, the thickness equipment specially designed to perform small, fast, accurate
  and non-destructive thickness measurement of coating and plating on steel magnetic
  conductor. It is widely used on manufacturing, workshop, chemistry or quality
  measuring range.

  Measuring Range: 0-1999μm
  Accuracy: \(3%H+1)
  Resolution: 0.1 / 1μm
  System Accuracy Adjustment Zero Point & Two Point Calibration
  Single & Continuous Measuring Mode Option
  Single & Group Data Store and Delete
  Max/min Data Recording
  Average/Standard Deviation Recording
  Metric/ imperial: convertible
  Sound notice function
  Auto Power Off
  Power: 9V Battery 
  Backlight display
  Dimensions: 150x70x30mm
  Weight: 129g (not including battery)

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