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Coating Thickness Meter CM-8826FN/CM-8826F/CM-8826N

Operating principle:
CM-8826F: F type(magnetic induction), measure the thickness of non-magnetic coating layers such as (aluminum,chrome,copper,ename1,rubber,paint) on magnetic substrate (steel, iron, alloy and magnetic steel) 
CM-8826N: NF type (eddy current), measure the thickness of non-conductive coating layers (ename1, rubber, paint, vanish, plastic anodic oxide layer) covered on non-ferrous substrate (aluminum, brass, zinc, tin and non-magnetic stainless steel) 
CM-8826FN: F type & NF type 

With separate probes
Measuring range: 0-1250um/0-50mil
Resolution: 0.1/1
Accuracy: 1-3%n or 2.5um
Min. measuring area: 6mm
Min. sample thickness: 0.3mm
Battery indicator: low battery indicator
Metric/ imperial: convertible
Power supply: 4x1.5V AAA(UM-4)battery
Auto power off
Operating conditions: 0-+45(32H-104H), 90%RH
Dimensions: 126x65x27mm
Weight: 81g(not including battery)
Optional accessories: other range 0-200um to 15000um

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