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  Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge CL-850A (High Temperature type)

  General features and functions:
  CL-850A is an intelligent portable ultrasonic thickness gauge, it is controlled by microprocessor. The
  equipment is using ultrasonic measurement method; it is fast, high accuracy and non destructive
  testing for multi-material thickness. 

  It is widely used for measuring thickness of oil, shipbuilding, power station, mechanic manufacturing
  or pressure tank, chemical equipment, steelmaking furnace, oil storage tank, glass workshop, metal
  workshop or all need to check the surface of tube thickness trade. It can check most of hard material,
  such as steel, aluminum, copper, zinc, quartz glass, polyethylene, polyvinyl chloride, iron, ceramic,
  plastic or other ultrasonic conductor thickness. 

  Measuring range: 1.2-225.0mm (Steel)
  Accuracy: \(1%\0.1)mm
  Pipe measuring lower limit: φ20*3mm (Steel)
  Sound velocity range: 1000-9999m/s
  Working frequency: 5MHz
  Working temperature range: 0-300≧ 
  Automatic zero adjustment
  Data Store function
  Auto shut off
  Low battery indication: 3V\0.2V
  Power: 1.5V AAA*3 Alkaline battery
  Dimensions: 145.5x70x28mm  
  Weight: 210g (not including battery)

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