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Combustible Gas Detector CL-8800A

CL-8800A Combustible Gas Detector is a broadband, solid-state combustible gas detector that 6 LED show the intensity is the leak, Gas detector is an extremely useful tool in any environment where hydrocarbon (Acetylene, Methane, Benzene, Butane, Hexane, Gasoline, Natural Gas), Alcohol (Carbinol, Ethanol, Propyl alcohol);Ether, Ketene (Acetone, Butanone) 

*Detect item: All explosive gases leakage like hydrocarbon\alcohol\ether\ketene, etc.
*Intensity of the leakage level
*Warm up time: <110sec.(in 25≧,60%RH) 
*Low battery indication: 5\0.3V/5.5\0.3V
*Adjustable sensitivity (ultimate sensitivity: 5ppm)
*Battery charge, rechargeable battery included, battery overheats and overcharge protected circuit.
*Operate under 20V AC power source.
*The flexible probe can easily access to any areas.
*Response time: Instantaneous
*Reset button on the probe handle
*Continuous operation time: 4hours
Packing information:
*Power: 6V Ni-Mh rechargeable battery
*Net weight: 613.5g
*Size: 234x86x46mm
*Packing style: Gift box with carrying case inside
*Q'ty per carton: 12pcs
*Standard carton size: 52.5x45.5x34.0cm
*G.W of the carton: 16.5kg
Accessories: 220V Adapter for charging the battery
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